Singing River Genealogy & Local History Library

The collection continues to expand through increased purchases and donations and from the support of the Jackson County Historical and Genealogical Society and its members.

The ability to have Singing River Genealogy-Local History Library’s collections at your fingertips. The Singing River Digital Archive provides access to collections long hidden from the public. Through item records and creative exhibits, patrons can experience these materials from their school or home through the worldwide access public website.

The library houses approximately 5,000 volumes which include: Family histories, Guides to genealogical research, Census indices, City directories, Cemetery records, State and county histories, Death records, Land records, and much more. The collection is especially strong in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana materials. Mississippi material consists of county histories and records, including a complete 22-volume set of Mississippi Cemetery and Bible Records covering the entire state as well as marriage records of every Mississippi county.

Every effort is made to provide reasonable assistance to those needing it. Staff can help researchers locate information on small communities that no longer exist, information on old houses, cemeteries, businesses, and industries, and where and how to write vital records.

The Library is partnering with the Jackson County Historical and Genealogy Society which meets at the library’s meeting room each month.

Chronicling America

Library of Congress Sanborn Maps Collection

Dawes Rolls

Find a Grave

Freedmen’s Bureau

Before You Visit

• Read this article about Genealogical research on the Internet (click).
• Read a book on how to do genealogy research.
• Make notes on the names of parents, grandparents, and other family members, including the maiden names of wives, if known.
• Know the towns and counties where these people lived and the approximate period of their residence in these places.
• To have a starting point, inquire about birth and death dates from family members and other sources.

Books and Materials

In our collection, there are books on almost all other States and some foreign countries such as England, Ireland, and Scotland. There are several books devoted to heraldry, including guides to the meanings of names and color illustrations of coats of arms and crests.
Books in the collection are shelved according to the subject or the state to which they pertain. Browsing the shelves is encouraged and wheelchair patrons will find the collection of resources easily accessible.

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