AUGUST 8, 2012

1:00 PM




Attending:  Carol, Alisa, Janis, Randy, Rex, Bethany, Helen, Becky, Lori, Jamie, Jeanne, and Yvonne.


I.               MLC has sent out the Continuing Education Catalog.  It is much slimmer than in previous years, so if you need an extra copy, you can print it off the MLC website.


II.             Singing River Power Association has a form for their customers to fill out to receive assistance in paying their bills.  On the bill or on their website, SRPA states that customers can visit the library for help filling out the form.  It is not in our purview to get into patronŐs personal information so take care with these requests and alert your staff.  We can help them connect to the website and offer technical assistance to the extent possible and of course assistance getting a library card if needed and information on how access and use Envisionware and our computers.


III.           It was decided to cancel the August 22 Branch ManagersŐ Meeting because of Annual Performance Reviews.


IV.           Communicating to patrons re: filters – we are still blocking images deemed to be obscene, child pornography and/or harmful to minors.  All patrons now have access to the social networking sites such as Facebook, which was requested by children and adults on behalf of their children quite a bit.


V.             Giving out the Rules of Conduct – Whenever a patron violates a rule, please make sure to hand the Rules to the patron as part of the discussion.  Listen and be respectful of the patron if they try to relate their version of any incident reported.  This brought up a lengthy discussion of food and drink in libraries, and managers will meet soon at St. Martin to discuss options.


VI.           Meeting Room Reservations – the application has been reworded to make sure whoever signs the application will be responsible for making sure those attending the meeting understand the policies regardless of whether or not the signatory attends the actual meeting.  Reminder: After hours meetings will no longer be allowed at most JGRLS facilities starting in November 2012.  Also in November, staff can begin accepting applications for 2013.


VII.          A group is having a non-partisan Voter Registration Drive, so make sure you have a supply of Voter Registration Forms, or know how to access them on the county website, and the staff is up to date on procedures.  The patron can mail the registration or we can send it to Cindy at HQ.  NEW INFO:  No added notes from staff are needed as long as everyone knows to send them into HQ ASAP so we have every chance of them getting registered in time to vote in the next election.


VIII.       Noise Control in the library – this is part of the Rules of Conduct.  Respond to complaints by showing the Rules to the parties involved and address the complaint.


IX.            MLA – October 23 – 26 in Natchez, MS – Jeanne, Yvonne, and maybe Lori want to go.  Jamie wanted to attend, but is already attending a conference in October.


X.              ILL – Alisa has drafted a new policy that should help us when we start using NSIP with LS2 to handle patron-initiated ILL.  There were discussions of having a limit on requests at the branch level, though Jackie Evans was not concerned with that on the system level.  There was also a discussion about raising the fine amount for ILL materials, since they do not belong to the library system.  This was vetoed by most, but not all, of the managers.  Some branch managers were not aware that there is an ILL form on the library website at http://www.jgrls.org/ill.htm#form. The new way of handling patron-initiated ILL is by access to the Mississippi Virtual Union Catalog, where patrons can create their own accounts to request and track ILL materials.  The VUC will work through NSIP protocols to create borrower and item records and requests in LS2.  Please send comments or questions to Alisa by Friday, August 17 so that she can revise the policy further.  New info:  We will set a limit of 15 per person when software is able to track this for us.  New policy goes to board in August.  Will be posted on ALPHA if approved.  YouŐll be alerted, read board minutes!


XI.            Using ebooks@jgrls.org for problems with BLIO – Please direct all questions about e-books, including problems with BLIO or DRM.


XII.          Rex needs volunteer names and hours (from August 2011 to July 2012) by Friday morning, August 10.


XIII.        Janis mentioned she has been approached by a new representative of Waffle House who wants to provide bookmarks and other reading incentives to the library system.  She will provide the contact information to Bethany and Rex.



Notes prepared by Jamie Elston, August 9, 2012, edited and revised by Carol on 8/15/12.