Please enjoy the Library and respect its use by others.

While in the Library, PLEASE DO NOT:

* Smoke cigarettes or cigars.

* Chew tobacco.

* Talk in loud tones or make other loud noises.

* Sleep.

* Change clothes or bathe in the public restrooms.

* Use the Library if you are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

* Gamble.

* Consume food or beverages.

* Bring dangerous weapons in the library.

* Leave preschool children unattended. The Library is not responsible for unattended children.

* Disturb others with radios, cassette players, etc.

* Bring animals of any kind (except seeing eye dogs) into the Library.

* Ride bikes, roller skates or skateboards.

* Solicit or panhandle.

* Circulate petitions or distribute election campaign literature.

* Place feet on tables or chairs, or use chairs as rockers.

If you violate these and/or other rules of conduct, you may be evicted from the Library.

A bookmark with these rules will be available at the circulation desk and should be given to a patron at the time he/she is asked to comply with one of them. Posters with these rules should be prominently displayed at several other locations throughout the library building.

Rules of Conduct Form included in Appendix I, PUF-08