1. "Poise Under Fire and subsequent revisions will be distributed to:

1 East Central Library Manager

2 East Central Circulation Desk

3 Gautier Library Manager

4 Gautier Circulation Desk

5 Lucedale/George County Library Manager

6 Lucedale/George County Circulation Desk

7 Moss Point Library Manager

8 Moss Point Circulation Desk

9 Ocean Springs Library Manager

10 Ocean Spring Circulation Desk

11 Pascagoula Library Manager

12 Pascagoula Circulation Desk

13 Pascagoula Adult Fiction Desk

14 Pascagoula Genealogy Department

15 St. Martin Branch Library Manager

16 St. Martin Circulation Desk

17 Vancleave Library Manager

18 Vancleave Circulation Desk

19 Headquarters Reference Manager

20 Headquarters Reference Department Desk

21 Headquarters Technical Services Department

22 Headquarters Youth Services Department

23 JGRLS Public Relations Specialist

24 JGRLS Director

25 JGRLS Branch Services Manager

26 JGRLS Board of Trustees Chairperson

27 JGRLS Legal Counsel

28 Mississippi Library Commission

2. This manual will be available on-line via the internet.

3. Copies of the "Poise Under Fire" manual are available to Mississippi libraries at $25.00 each and to other groups, organizations, agencies and individuals at $40.00 each.

A blank form is included in Appendix I: PUF-14. Duplicate a copy of this form for patrons wanting to acquire a copy of the manual.