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JGRLS Provides an easy way to learn a new language!

Su Biblioteca Tiene Mas Que Sola Libros...

Mango Languages is now available and includes a variety of resources to help patrons with a valid JGRLS library card to learn practical conversation skills for languages spoken all around the world. Mango Complete Courses offers more than 50 language learning experiences.

To get a library card, please visit any branch library in Jackson or George County.

Click here for easy to use instructions (Adobe PDF)

The courses utilize an engaging interface and easy, intuitive interactive tools to deliver practical conversational skills and valuable cultural insight for a foreign language.

Lessons include strategically placed memory-building exercises to help users remember what they are learning in addition to critical thinking exercises, which help them to intuitively understand the language and adapt it to similar conversations.

Mango Languages is completely self-paced and the time it takes to build fluency is different from person to person.

Link to Mango Log-in page

Full List of Languages Included In Mango:

Foreign Language Courses
Arabic (Levantine) Basic
Chinese (Mandarin) Basic Complete
Dari Basic
Farsi Basic Complete
French Basic Complete
German Basic Complete
Greek Basic Complete
Hebrew Basic Complete
Hindi Basic
Irish Basic
Italian Basic Complete
Japanese Basic Complete
Korean Basic
Pashto Basic
Portuguese (Brazil) Basic Complete
Russian Basic Complete
Spanish (Latin America) Basic Complete
Tagalog Basic
Thai Basic
Turkish Basic
Urdu Basic
Vietnamese Basic Complete
ESL Language Courses - English for:
Spanish Speakers (Latin American) Basic Complete
French Speakers Basic Complete
Polish Speakers Basic Complete
Portuguese (Brazil) Speakers Basic Complete
German Speakers Basic Complete
Italian Speakers Basic Complete
Greek Speakers Basic Complete
Vietnamese Speakers Basic
Chinese (Mandarin) Speakers Basic
Chinese (Cantonese) Speakers Basic
Russian Speakers Basic
Korean Speakers Basic
Japanese Speakers Basic
Arabic (Egyptian) Speakers Basic
Korean Speakers Basic Complete

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