PUBLIC COMPUTER USE POLICIES Adopted by the JGRLS Board of Trustees

Welcome to the Jackson George Regional Library System. It is our pleasure to provide computers for public use. We ask that you stay within the policies adopted by the JGRLS Board and all relevant local, state and federal laws.

Basic information:

Public computers are available on first come, first serve basis.
Library staff will assist you to the point that their skills and the traffic at the public service desk allow.
We encourage customers new to computer use to ask about our free computer training classes offered at every library branch in our system. All you need is a valid library card with our system to take a class.

Parents can rescind computer privileges for any minor child under 18. Contact any branch manager and ask that a note be placed in the child's patron record blocking them from use of the computers at all of our libraries.

If there has been no request to block a child under 18 from using public computers, the assumption is that the parent or legal guardian approves of their child using this library service.

Some branches have computers reserved for use by children only or parents working with children. These computers are filtered permanently and the filter can never be removed for any reason.

Non-resident customers that want to use the computers can request a special pass for this purpose. They must provide picture ID to verify that they are a non-resident. Only filtered computers are available with a computer pass.

Computer Policies:

Use only your personal library card to access Library computers.

Adults accompanied by a minor child must use a filtered computer.

Limit use to two people at a computer at one time.

Do not change, damage, or tamper with existing hardware or software on the public computers. Do not clean, move, troubleshoot, reboot or turn off a computer or any of its parts.

Be prepared to prepay 15 cents per sheet for all printing.

We cannot accommodate personal paper or stationery in any library printers.

Limit your use and viewing of screens to subjects and graphics suitable for a public library setting.

Never use the computers for illegal or criminal purposes.

Use only the computer assigned to you.

Understand that you are guaranteed up to 2 hours of time for using the computers, unless you arrive near closing time. In that case you have until fifteen minutes before closing time.

Understand that once you have been on 2 hours, you can be required to leave at any point if others are waiting on a computer.

Understand that violation of these policies in any JGRLS branch library will result in termination of privileges to use public computers in all JGRLS libraries.

I have read the above policies for myself (and if applicable any minor children accompanying me) and accept that I and anyone accompanying me on a computer are required to abide by all of these policies.

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