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About Age of Learning

At Age of Learning, our purpose is to help children everywhere build a strong foundation for academic success and to foster a lifelong love of learning. We blend education best practices, innovative technology, and insightful creativity to create engaging and effective educational experiences that bring learning to life. Our flagship program, the award-winning and research-validated ABCmouse.com® Early Learning Academy, is the leading and most comprehensive digital learning resource for children ages 2–8, designed to help prepare children for kindergarten and ensure third-grade readiness.

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How to Navigate ABCmouse (4:04 minutes)

Some Additional Information about ABCmouse

Recent awards given to ABCmouse

Curriculum Board & Academic Leadership:

Curriculum Scope & Sequence (a one-page chart)

ABCmouse and 3rd Grade Readiness (we’re also well-known for kindergarten readiness)

Efficacy Studies on ABCmouse as an Early Learning/Early Childhood Education resource www.ageoflearning.com/research

ABC Mouse Home Access for Libraries includes unlimited access to the same full version of ABCmouse Early Learning Academy that consumers use. When ABCmouse is accessed from a library remotely with ABCmouse Home Access for Libraries, it can be shared by several children in the same household, each with their own avatar, profile, and progress-tracking on their ABCmouse Step-by-Step Learning Paths.

ABC Mouse Home Access offers the most comprehensive online curriculum for children ages 2–8+, including reading and language arts, math, beginning science, social studies, art and music. ABCmouse stimulates a child’s enthusiasm for learning through over 10,000 interactive learning activities—including books, educational games, puzzles, art activities, songs, music videos, and more— that are highly engaging and extremely educational.

More than 1,200 of these 10,000 learning activities are in Spanish and over 2,000 of them are STEM learning activities.  And our 2,000+ book titles can be accessed by Age Level, Guided Reading Level, or Lexile Level. Millions of ABCmouse users have completed more than 10 billion learning activities since 2010.

And a big added bonus with ABCmouse Home Access for Libraries is the inclusion of our independently-validated Assessment Center—an extra-cost option for consumers—which creates customized lessons that are targeted to help a child improve in specific skill areas identified by the assessments: https://www.edtechdigest.com/2019/01/31/abcmouse-assessment-center .

ABCmouse is truly a world-class educational resource and your library patrons and their children will benefit tremendously by making it available to them at home!

Create an ABCmouse account and then set up an ABCmouse account: https://www.abcmouse.com/blho-check-out