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Checking Out eBooks: "Easy" as 1, 2, 3

The following is required before you can check out eBooks from the Axis 360 Digital Media Library:

  1. Valid JGRLS library card ID and personal identification number (PIN)
  2. Personal email account
  3. Download the Blio app to your PC (personal computer) or e-reading device

• Step 1: From your computer, go to
Click on the "App Zone" icon to download Blio or Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) apps to your personal computer or e-reading device. Create a Blio and/or ADE ID & password. Write that information in the spaces provided below for "EASY" reference.

Note: Detailed instructions for side-loading Blio to your Kindle Fire are available from the "Welcome to our Axis 360 Digital Media Library" Web page.

• Step 2: You will need your library card ID and PIN to login and check out items from the "Magic Wall" of eBooks. Visit the Circulation Desk at any JGRLS branch to obtain a library card and PIN or renew your library card and reset your PIN. Write your library card ID number and PIN in the space provided below for "EASY" reference.

• Step 3: Browse the "Magic Wall," select, and check out eBooks using your PC or e-reading device. You will be prompted to enter your library card and PIN and your Blio ID and password for Blio format titles. Click "OK" and the eBook title will be delivered to your device. Upon checkout, EPUB or PDF format titles are downloaded to your PC in ADE and must be transferred to your device via a USB cord. Get ready to read!

Login Reminders (KEEP SECURE)

Blio Login:
Email address: _________________________

Password: _____________________________

ADE Activation:
User ID: ______________________________

Password: _____________________________

Axis 360 eBooks Library Login:
JGRLS Library card ID: _______________________

PIN: _____________ (4 numbers)

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